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Born in Germany, 1969

Graphic Artist, Photographer, Painter, Writer...

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with nature, people and faces in particular. At the age of nine I started painting with oils, then I moved to charcoal, chalk, watercolors and acrylics.

I graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Design and a minor in Photography. It was through the technology department that I found my love for photography. The darkroom with its creative possibilities fascinated me.

Since we’ve moved into the digital era, I’ve come to enjoy the creative freedom digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop have to offer.

Right after college I worked for an advertising agency in downtown Austin, later I was in charge of advertising for the Texas Podiatric Medical Association.

Since the birth of my first daughter in 1998, I’ve quit my day job and became a full time Mom, doing a lot of freelance work with the little time I had left over.

I’ve painted childrens’ rooms with dinosaurs, bakery trucks that needed logos, worked on brochures and logos for companies and individuals.

I have done freelance photography work since 1995 and opened my own portable photo studio in 2004. I have photographed merchandise, small weddings, graduates, musicians, babies, families, birthdays, reunions, and so much more. To capture a childs’ unspoiled spirit, the love of a young couple or the wisdom of a seasoned couple satisfies my creative energy to no end.

In December 2008 I started my own T-Shirt printing business “Steiner Tees”.

Earlier that summer while sitting around the pool, my husband and I thought it would be a great idea to create positive message T-Shirts. The goal was to drench our customers with our passion for life, fun and positive messages through T-Shirts.

To support this goal, I specialized in custom T-Shirt printing. I bought the “do it yourself” tapes, all the necessary hardware and software to open my own print shop out of my garage and started supplying the local schools, kindergartens, brownie troops and sports clubs with my newest creations.

Occasionally I had help from my dear friend and great artist Cathy Richardson who deserves a five star honorable mention. Go check her out at You won’t be disappointed!

On the side, I was still creating logos and designs as well as putting together and publishing a book “Letters from Papaw”, in Adobe InDesign, for my dear friend Joanne York (who since has passed away. May she rest in peace). It’s available online at Bookpeople (

In May of 2011 we took a 5 months family trip to Europe, staying mostly in Germany and Spain. My husband has always been talking about moving away, overseas, Europe, Australia, anywhere, really. So my idea was to give him a taste of “being away from home” for a longer period of time. We took the girls out of school a month early and planned on returning a month late.

Well, the whole idea kinda backfired on me. My husband loved it and applied for a job in Munich, just to see what would happen. Needless to say, he received the O.K. in December of 2011 and moved to Germany in January of 2012. After selling my businesses and tying up loose ends, the kids and I followed him in February of the same year. Which is the reason I published my latest book "Moving to Germany" and the reason you're looking at my new "Munich" web site. I've ventured into pottery. The tactile feel and creative freedom I discovered fascinates me. Thanks for checking me out. I appreciate your patience and time and would love it if you would contact me for any creative work you might need.

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