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From Photography to Graphic Art to Creative Writing
Dackel Photography

My first love was human faces. My second love, naturally, had to be animals. Dachshund faces in particular. It amazes me every time how much expression these little, short legged creatures can put into their faces without uttering a word. There are expressions of love, excitement, exhilaration, contentment, compassion, curiosity, mischief but also of pain, guilt, hunger,...remorse, not so much!

If you like any of these, I'll be happy to print one for you on canvas or paper, a cup, a T-Shirt, a bag, big or small. The possibilities are endless.

Just shoot me a short email or use the contact page.

Dackel Designs

With my graphic design background it almost came by default, that I started making little Dackel designs to be used on post cards, cups, T-Shirts, bags or anything else printable.

If you fall in love with one or more, let me know what you'd like me to print for you. Just shoot me an email or use the contact page.


Portrait Photography

Faces - young & old.

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with nature, people and faces in particular. 

I graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Design and a minor in Photography. It was through the technology department that I found my love for photography. The darkroom with its creative possibilities fascinated me.

Since we’ve moved into the digital era, I’ve come to enjoy the creative freedom digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop have to offer.


Need a photographer for a special occasion? Call me or use my contact page.

Moving to Germany

This is a book I wrote when we first moved to Germany. I am putting it up here to give an impression of what it was like for us during the first year. It might hold some useful information for those of you attemting the same. I included a lot of links. If nothing else, I hope that you'll at least be entertained and amused by our little hickups, which seemed pretty big at the time.

Enjoy and leave me some feedback if you like.


T-Shirt Designs

A small taste of a couple of designs that I printed on T-Shirts back in Texas.

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